Concrete Technology

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Unit – I : Introduction to Concrete as a Construction Material: General Perspective Ingredients of Concrete.
a) Cement – Manufacture of Portland cement, basic chemistry of cement, hydration of cement, classification of cement, types of cement, tests on cement: field tests & laboratory tests. b) Aggregate and water – Different classifications, Fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, mechanical properties, physical properties, deleterious materials, soundness, alkali-aggregate reaction, sieve analysis: Fineness and gradation tests on aggregates, artificial and recycled aggregate, mixing water, curing water, tests on water. Admixtures : functions, classification, types: mineral and chemical, IS: specifications (9103 and 456), compatibility of admixtures.
Unit – II : Properties, Production and testing of fresh concrete
a) Fresh concrete – Workability – factors affecting workability, cohesion and segregation, Bleeding, Laitance, mixing, handling, placing and compaction of concrete, Influence of temperature, maturity rule. b) Tests of fresh concrete – Workability by Slump cone, Compaction factor, Vee Bee consistometer and flow table test, Marsh cone test.
Unit – III : Properties and tests on hardened concrete and Special Concretes
a) Hardened concrete – Strength of concrete, factors affecting strength, micro-cracking and stress-strain relationship, other strength properties, relation between tensile and compression strength, impact strength, abrasion resistance, elasticity and creep, shrinkage and swelling. b) Testing of hardened concrete – Compression test on cube and cylinder, flexural test, indirect tensile strength, core test. Non destructive testing: Rebound hammer, Ultrasonic pulse velocity, Pullout test and Impact echo test, Rebar locator.
Unit – IV : Concreting equipments, techniques and Special concretes
a) Introduction to concrete related equipments – Batching plants, hauling, pumps, Types of concrete mixers: Tilting, Non tilting and Reversible drum mixer, Types of vibrators Special concreting techniques: pumping of concrete, under water concreting, ready mix concrete, roller compacted concrete Cold weather concreting, hot weather concreting. b) Special concretes – Light weight concrete, Cellular light weight concrete-Form concrete and autoclave C.L.C, polymer concrete, types of fibers, fiber reinforced Concrete, high density concrete, self compacting concrete and applications. Ferrocement: Definition, Basic concepts in forming ferrocement composites, Methods of casting.
Unit – V : Concrete Mix Design
Concepts of Mix Design, Factors for proportioning of concrete. Factors to be considered, Statistical quality control, Laboratory trial mixes and guidelines to improve mix , methods of Mix Design for M25 and above grades by IS (10262-2009, 456) and DOE methods with and without fly ash, Demonstration and application of concrete mix design software.
Unit – VI : Deterioration and repairs.
a) Deterioration – Permeability and durability, chemical attack and sulphate attack by seawater, acid attack, chloride attack, carbonation of concrete and its determination, corrosion of reinforcement. b) Repairs – Symptoms and diagnosis of distress, evaluation of cracks, selection of repair procedure, repair of defects, common types of repairs, shotcrete, Introduction of retrofitting by using FRP, Corrosion monitoring techniques & preventive measures.



Written By:—- Abhijit Warudkar ISBN-9789333214094

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